Workshop On

Quadcopter & UAV

18th December 2022

Session Content

Working Principles of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Constructional Concepts

Quadcopter Frame

2.4 GHz Radio System

Multi Rotor Stabilization Controller

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

BLDC Motors


Construction of Quadcopter

Simulation of Flight in FMS

Flying Precautions

Flying Session

General Terms and conditions

  • Quadcopter Components will be given only for Identification
  • Quad Assembling will be done by Experts
  • Each stages of assembling and possible ways to avoid problems will be shown through practical demonstration
  • Flying Simulation is done
  • Participants are allowed to take-up flying simulation with the Radio System available in the venue
  • Flying orientation and Mode selection will be done
  • Pre-Flight checking by Experts
  • Indoor flying will be done by Expert Drone Pilot
  • Outdoor flying will be done after the Session